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Writer Doodle classes

Writer Doodle

Short, no pressure, fun writing exercises to explore using words with purpose and power.

  • Improve writing, communication and thinking skills.

  • Increase confidence and erase the fear of ā€œIā€™m not good at that."

  • Remove the need to be perfect.

  • Celebrate experimentation without judgment!

Word equations

Word equations



  • Have fun with word equations, random word sentences and acrostic poems.

  • Choose and use words with power.

  • Use lists to get ideas, to find out what matters, and to flesh out characters and settings.

  • Explore point of view.

  • Learn how to make the most of setting.

  • Bring awesome characters to life.

  • Discover magic ways to get ideas.

  • Use quick ways to tell a story to plan for bigger things.

  • Use the five senses, emotion and an understanding of why it matters to make a reader care.