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Comments from teachers about Oregon Trail classes

You are a natural teacher, providing students with opportunities to work together collaboratively, and to engage in higher-level thinking.  It was fun to listen to each group think through possible meanings for each word, make their cases, and settle on an answer.  Moving the oxen along the trail made the game just that more engaging.

We also really appreciated how you got the children thinking about the process of conducting research, different sources of information, and why you have taken an interest in the Oregon Trail.  It is exciting to see young minds exposed to a possible future career option, and gain a basic understanding of what the job of writing a historical fiction novel might entail.

Heidi Benton and Monica Donovan, 4th Grade teachers, Highland Terrace Elementary School, Shoreline WA


I would like to give my highest recommendation for Christine Pinto. Christine spoke to fourth graders about the Oregon Trail. Her hands-on presentation made this unique time in American history come alive as she demonstrated the size of a wagon and what life was like on the Oregon Trail. Her replica of a wagon along with factual information made all students feel like they were traveling on the trail. She came into my classroom dressed as a pioneer and brought with her with some of the tools that pioneers might have taken as they traveled west. Christine also had recent photographs that showed remnants of the trail. This experience was a perfect complement to our study of the Oregon Trail. Thank you, Christine.

Becky Edy, 4th Grade teacher, Highland Terrace Elementary, Shoreline, WA