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What kids say

Comments from students in Oregon Trail classes


It was super fun!

It was fun learning while having fun with my friends.

My favorite activity in the class was getting to touch and taste things.

To pull the wagon I thought the pioneers used buffalo because I didn't even know that oxen exist.

I never knew that 1840's games and school would be so much fun!

I didn’t know they had to wear so many layers.

I really liked trying on the clothing because I got to imagine how the pioneers felt.

I had so much to write about!

You made me feel welcome by giving us a turn with almost everything you brought.

I loved the games because they were not like Candy Land. They may be old, but to me they are very new.

Everything you taught was new to me.

I enjoyed sewing because it is really fun. Also my grandma sews so I can show her that I can sew.

I liked how you dressed in the clothes the pioneers would wear.

Marbles is my most favorite game of all time.

I love the sewing because it's very fun entertainment for when I am not allowed on electronics.

You are a great listener.

I am proud of my letter.

I didn't know they played marbles.

I love that we got to see what was different back then and now.

I had fun with the dress up, stitching and trying the candy.

You helped me realize that learning something new can be fun.

I learned that to start a fire you use buffalo chips.

One of my favorite things I learned was that one thing most people took was a spider pot. I thought it was a real spider.

When we made the quilts I liked it because when I finished I got to see something cool that I did.


Thank you for making things fun.